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3D Video
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Site Plans

  • Initiate consultation to discuss site, scope of project and scheduling

  • Send written proposal within 24 hours (small renovations) - two weeks (large remodels)

  • Submit preliminary schedule

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  • Render CAD or hand-drafted consturction drawings based on intial meeting

  • Submit designs for approval with up to three free add-ons, addendums, or proposals

*Co-created with Nathaniel's Designs

  • Determine the project's critical path and schedule crews and contractors based on tasks and float

  • Provide clients periodic scheduling updates

  • Lead guided walk-through upon completion to secure customer satisfaction

Selected Services

Masterplans, elevation maps, digital perspectives, 3D video and photos, plant and material lists

Selected Products

Pergolas, roof extensions, decks, outdoor kitchens, water features,

fireplaces, radiant heating, pavers, concrete (stained and stamped), wall seats

artificial turf, fountains, sunken patios,

irrigation systems, lighting systems,

plants, rock and more

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