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Founded in Texas, External Technical Services is a full-service construction firm that designs and builds outdoor spaces suited to your home or work space. 


We agree with our clients that we are friendly, creative, and deliver a great product.

Besides delivering unforgettable experiences, the firm provides 2D and 3D construction designs, site plans, elevations, and proposals with products built in house and through our valuable network of reputable technicians.


Cullen Quinn

Managing Principal

And also a former investment banking analyst, Eagle Scout, and all around nice guy

Cullen comes from four generations of Texans and has worked around his family's agriculture and construction business since age 5 driving his great uncle around in the ranch pickup. He designed and remodeled his church's front yard at 17 for his Eagle Scout, attended UNC-Chapel Hill at age 19, and joined an investment bank at age 22 where he advised building products companies on mergers and acquisitions and built relationship development, financing and management skills for running a construction company.  He founded ETS at 25 to provide masterplanning, project management, and construction services to residential and commercial clients in Texas. Cullen is a religious gym goer and a decent hunter.

I specialize in the following services:

  • Charm Neighbors    

  • Clout Development    

  • Scandinavian Travel

  • Charm Tenants    

  • Supplier Disputes Quelled    

  • Proposal Organization

  • Inspire Subcontractors    

  • Inspectors Impressed    

  • Educate Architects

  • Immaculate Drawings    

  • A Little Friendly Competition  

  • Ultimate Wingman

  • Pickleball Courts    

  • Walls    

  • Foundations

  • Tennis Courts    

  • Heavy Equipment Hire    

  • Ballpark Estimates

  • Basketball Courts    

  • Bureaucracy Slaying    

  • Peace Brokerage

  • Decorative Concrete    

  • Keeping the Faith    

  • OSHA Intimidation

  • Driveways    

  • Professional Texting    

  • Stun Real Estate Developers

  • Landscaping    

  • Property Manager Relief    

  • Socialite Services

Miracles By Appointment

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