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As an established West Texas technical services business, we provide commercial customers consistently accessible and aesthetically-pleasing environments by creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere for employees, clients, tenants or students by enhancing their corporate and school campus environments.

We are here to help as companies are increasingly viewing their exteriors and landscaping as a competitive differentiator and are making significant investments to create visually appealing outdoor spaces.

Along with our maintenance services, we believe that our capabilities as a single-source construction provider represent a point of comfort for our customers who can be certain that we are managing their exterior reomodeling project from inception to completion.

Likewise, commercial customers seeking seasonal maintenance can be confident in the quality of the work performed by ETS and its partners.

We provide consistently accessible and aesthetically-pleasing environments to a broad range of commercial end markets, including:

  • Corporate and commercial properties

  • Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

  • Public parks

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities

  • Educational institutions

  • Restaurants and retail

  • Golf courses

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding commercial projects at

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